Angela Schilling is exploring the unmapped territories at the
psychological edges of contemporary European art and cultural practice.
The way of Schillings art is playful, deconstructive and subversive.
A set of breasts in the form of a punching bag, a machine wich
constantly nags the viewer/listener like an unbearable form of their
mother, a book of photographs which assign concurrent, contradictory
lives to the artist—these are some of the works which Angela Schilling
has recently shown.

Her subject is very often The Body – and the hall of mirrors in which
the Body is gendered and sexualised. It is the traces these processes
leave in the unconcious which interest Schilling. Her subject is
therefore also the viewers own voyeurism.

Angela Schilling is the Mata Hari of the contemporary European art scene.
She seduces the viewer in her many guises – printed world,
installations, soft-sculptures, performance—and leads us down the
labyrinth of our own unconcious. We see in Schillings work versions and
glimpses of our own darkest sexual and erotic impulses mirrored on the
walls of her constructed worlds. Her art constantly probes the fragility
of identity. And when we walk away from the experience it is only to
find that many of our most fondly held prejustices and assumptions have
withered and we fill our skins with a strange sense of a self both
familiar and alien. Drawing on Freudian and Lacanien impulses,Schillings
work unfailingly forces us to confront the stranger who lives inside

Rod Jones author Melbourne Australia 2004